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NanaDansoa  A. Paintsil

Award Winning Multi-Media Journalist | Producer | Talk Show Host

Talk Show & Entrepreneur  


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Always in my heart, thank you

I have worked hard in community broadcast journalism since 1995 and have paid my dues. It was an honor to interview humble activists and new business owners who eventually evolved into extraordinary political and business leaders. I am forever grateful to each radio station's leader for believing in me. You all trusted me. I am so honored and never made radio about "my agenda." I loved serving and empowering my audience with informative content.

I close my radio and local career with gratitude as I start a new chapter as an entrepreneur. Thank you all so very much. I will always love and cherish my roots in Detroit, my hometown. All the very best!


God Bless,

NanaDansoa "Queen" Paintsil 



NanaDansoa holds an Associate of Science in Journalism from Ferris State University, a Bachelor of Business Marketing from the University of Phoenix, and a Diploma in Graphic Design from Specs Howard School of Media Arts. She's currently working on a master's degree in management.


After graduating with her journalism degree, NanaDansoa was ready to jumpstart her career in broadcasting. She pursued a radio internship at WMXD Mix 92.3. She served as a reporter and producer under her media mentor, Detroit's most distinguished and awarding-winning journalist Kathy Young-Welch. Ms. Paintsil gained Kathy Young-Welch's masterful interviewing technique, was trained as a hard news reporter, and learned how to host and produce a talk show with any guest.

Title:    Reporter/Producer (Intern)
            MIX 92.3 WMXD/PublicAffairs 
            with Kathy Young-Welch

 When:  Summer of 1995 and 1996

My most memorable moment studying under Mrs. Young-Welch was covering the Detroit Free Press strike and interviewing former mayor Dennis Archer events. I was frightened each time but made it happen. 

 Kathy Young Welch, Myself, Randell Wilson and Geno Smith at MIX 92.3 FM in Detroit.

As an aspiring journalist, Ms. Paintsil was determined to make it in Detroit, and WJR 760 internship was her opportunity to grow. However, the internship was bittersweet. She began caregiving for her grandfather and had to terminate her internship. However, she enjoyed the fast pace of the newsroom. Her favorite moment was being at WJR 760 during the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals; the Detroit Red Wings won.

 Newsroom in 1997


In 1998 Queen NanaDansoa was driven and bounced back in broadcasting when I met David Rambeau, the executive producer of Project BAIT (Black Awareness In Television). His group produced and distributed content on former UPN50 and Comcast. She volunteered as a production assistant for the late activist Ron Scott. It was a great learning experience learning from masters in community programming.

Talk Show 1998

Radio Host 

Gospel Hip-Hop meets Talk Radio 1999

Community activist James Gibson invited Ms. Paintsil to join his show, GANG Squad, which means God's Anointed New Generation, broadcast on AM 1200 WCHB. It was high-energy gospel hip-hop that broke traditional faith-based norms in radio. 

NanaDansoa started as a co-host and soon produced and became the board operator.

GANG Squad was promoted from a gospel station to the hip-hop urban station 105.9 FM and gained notoriety. The hosts received press coverage in The Detroit Free Press, Michigan Citizen, and The City View. The promotion leveraged the brand of gospel hip-hop to a broader audience.

Radio One canceled GANG Squad radio show and offered Ms. Paintsil a new weekly music show that appealed to their female demographic. 

Sunday Morning Inspirations with Nana


Sunday Morning Revelations with Nana skyrocketed and featured local and national newsmakers sharing their journey of empowerment and faith with Ms. Paintsil.

Talking With Nana Radio  

In April 2002, Ms. Paintsil launched another live weekly talk show focusing Detroit young leaders, community news, and initiatives in Detroit. She produced, host and market her own shows.


The Talking With Nana radio aired on 90.9FM WDTR. The Detroit News recognized the format changes on the station and featured her show.


NanaDansoa Paintsil simultaneously hosted two  shows on 90.9FM WDTR and Radio One. This worked ethic was acknowledged.

She believes one of her greatest honors in her radio career included a listing as an Urban Radio Diva in the Michigan Chronicle with prominent radio historians.

Talking With Nana TV 

NanaDansoa loves her hometown Detroit, Michigan. Therefore, she created the Talking With Nana show to highlight positivity in the city. Knowing no limits, she pitched and won a grant to develop community-based talk show segments. The Talking With Nana Show premiered on Comcast Cable Detroit on public access. 

She described her segments as "small beginnings on half a shoestring budget," but they were impactful in the community. 

As a result, the Talking With Nana shows guests' businesses tripled in sales, and viewers learned about employment opportunities in Detroit. 

The Next Oprah?

In 2007, Nana traveled to California to pursue her dream television. She wowed television critic Marc Berman at Media Week. He crowned her before the nation as the “Next Oprah” in his column. 


NanaDansoa Paintsil was featured in MediaWeek in Marc Berman's Column Programming insider-TV Tidbits. 

The Next Great Daytime TV Show Host, 'Have you ever met anyone in your life that truly inspires you and has the magical gift for gab? Move over Oprah…Nana…America’s new girlfriend…is here. And her goal is to inspire metro professionals in the 18-34 demographic... 


Media Week, Programming Insider, TV Tidbits MARCH 28, 2007

Looking for the Next Oprah? Don’t forget to check out Nana (pronounced “Na” “Na”). She’s America’s new girlfriend and her goal is to empower lives. .


Media Week, Programming Insider, TV TidbitsAPRIL 20, 2007 

Community Correspondent 


NanaDansoa Paintsil served as a community correspondent on UPN50. She also worked as an intern in the public affairs department, assisting with writing for shows, confirming guests, and updating the website.

Featured Guest

Nana was a featured guests on the Ask Dr. Nandi show in 2013 and join the team briefly in 2014 to learn production.

NanaDansoa Paintsil was featured on national talk show Asked Dr. Nandi show. (Segment starts at 28:35)

Host and Producer


Welcome Back  Talking With Nana 2015

In late 2015, Radio One welcome NanaDansoa back to host her public affairs talk show on NEWS TALK AM1200 WCHB during primetime.


Ms. Paintsil hosted and produced a live two-hour talk show with weekly guest callers, creatively marketed her show, and designed all her graphics. Talking With Nana became a community favorite, especially in the small business community.


Unknowing to Ms. Paintsil, her listeners nominated the Talking With Show for the 2016 Detroit Thank You Awards. Talking With Nana was the only radio show recognized for its commitment to building local businesses on her platforms.

Ms. Paintsil continued to serve the local community beyond the airwaves. She volunteered on the Careers Mastered Leadership Advisory board 2017, the Detroit StartUp Week, local projects and was featured in BLAC magazine, the Grandmont community newsletter.

In 2017, the Talking With Nana show ended when the network sold the radio station.


Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 5.01.06 PM.png

Queen Mode Radio 


Queen Mode Radio featured women winning in business, faith, life, and the community sharing their candid journey to success. Ms. Paintsil created the show after hosting a popular 'women in business" segment on the Talking With Nana show. Guests and the listeners complimented NanaDansoa on her interview style. Also, guests shared that Ms. Paintsil possessed an ability to make them feel safe in sharing their stories. 


As a result, listeners called in and gave testimonials of starting a business, changing careers, and cleaning up their credit. 
Hence, NanaDansoa developed Queen Mode Radio to give women an exclusive platform via podcasting.

Rolling Out magazine in Detroit presented  NanaDansoa with the great honor of serving as a featured writer. She loved it but abruptly had to discontinue her service writing and shows. 

Freelance Writer |   Columnist | Host 

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 2.16.29 AM.png


In addition to media and the art of gabbing, Nana has a knack for all-things business in Detroit. Completing a multitude of small business certifications, she is now the owner of Dansoa Marketing & Design Firm, LLC.


Her marketing and design firm was featured in the ProsperUs curriculum, the New Economy Ideas small business spotlight, and the Shop Small American Express commercial 2014

DISCLAIMER: I'm still grateful for this opportunity with ProsperUs, Kim, and her former team. But, as I reflect on this time, I need to correct a statement.
I was so nervous speaking and needed to provide context. I was not a full-time employee at Impact Network with Apostle Wayne T. Jackson and Dr. Beverly Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are my pastors and offered his daughter and me an opportunity to build upon our respective businesses by working in the social media department at the network. His daughter was already working at  Impact Network. I was already working in the small business community; however, as a volunteer, I gained insurmountable insight into faith-based marketing and appreciated the Jackson family for opening that experience to me!  


My heartfelt Gratitude

My business grew from the coaching and loving support from the local business community. Thank you, former business coach, Shawntay (Burton) Dixon, MBA, CWDP, for mentoring my business from volunteering at the network to full-time. You are a powerful woman with tremendous compassion.

Kenyetta Campbell, Executive Director at Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance, thank you for introducing me to ProsperUs and fighting for my business to win against all odds. 

Next, Mrs.Benita Tyler @womancfo, You are inspiring! You helped get my business matters in order when I didn't have a clue! Your wisdom, grace, and professionalism are qualities this industry needs. Thank you, Queens. I am forever grateful for how you handled me and my business as I evolved. Blessings

I wish I had shared how I received my clients and the fantastic Sistas that helped me grow! I hope you all forgive my nervousness and accept my apologies. 

Thank you,

NanaDansoa "Queen" Paintsil


Farewell Detroit, thank you for the Memories