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NanaDansoa "Queen"  Paintsil 
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 Talk Show Host & Entrepreneur

NanaDansoa Paintsil has a divine positive charisma that keeps her community of followers engaged and inspired. She is the daughter of a college sweethearts Ghanaian father, Kofi, and African- American mother, Sophie. They instilled a knowing of her regal Ghanaian heritage at an early age. Raised by her mother, NanaDansoa was taught faith principles growing up in church, hard work, and resilience against all odds.


This Queen is a champion of faith! She continues to combine her undeniable passion of gratitude despite many adversities conquered, joyful spirit, and magnetizing love in all she accomplishes. 

Nana name means Queen Mother, Dansoa means queen after late grandmother Ghanaian Queen Mother and the last name is from her ancestors. Her name means a Queen born on Monday.

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Joyful Gratitude is my mindset. I love being happy, but I suffered, survived, and thrived from some of life’s most challenging adversities to get to this place in life. I now understand the bible scripture, Nehemiah 8:10 NIV, ...the joy of the Lord is my strength. 

One of my goals is to master disciplining joy in all things. Yes, I admit. I am not always motivated, and the past pains have sometimes sabotaged my happiness. However, I am a winner and fight back with prayer and discipline.

Over the years, my discipline and devotion to mental wellness saved me from prolonged grief. Now, I carve out time in the day to pray, laugh or listen to self-development on YouTube or Audible to replenish my thinking.

My mom said I was a cheerful child full of life. As a little girl, I remember singing to a show on tv with so much joy, and it kept my mom smiling during tough times. I loved seeing her smile and now honoring her spirit with joyful Gratitude with my ebook. I hope to uplift your spirit and that you enjoy my ebook 

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Joyful baby NanaDansoa

Ms. Sophie (Mommie)
aka Hollywood

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vol. 1 coming

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Joyful Nana

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