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Dansoa Philanthropy


"the Community was my Heartbeat" 

NanaDansoa Paintsil's philanthropic service in Detroit began with AmeriCorps. She served on the late U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell's youth initiative "America's Promise" under the leadership of Kathy Young-Welch. The program launched as Detroit's Promise: The Alliance for Children at United Way in Detroit. The team of four made history developing corporate and community partnerships that helped unserved youth in Detroit. 

After AmeriCorps, the Detroit Pistons Palace Foundation recruited Ms. Paintsil as a Regional Assistant for their Park Rangers program. 

When the contract ended, Ms. Paintsil worked for the Children's Center of Wayne County with the Detroit Abstinence Partnership, teaching prevention in the Detroit Public Schools.

Years after the Children's Center, Mrs. Paintsil remained actively involved in the community. The Detroit Works Project invited her with other community leaders to discuss the city's future. 

She continued working in the neighborhood and launched a block club that organized clean-ups, and started the Dansoa Mentoring program at a local school. 

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Detroit Pistons NBA player Jerome Williams attended Nana's youth event  for the Pistons Palace Foundation-PARK Program  

The Next Chapter

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In Spring 2021, NanaDansoa Paintsil's years of service and hard work welcomed her into life long sisterhood of the honorable Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.®, Tau Alpha Omega Chapter. 

She immediately put her gifts to work and served as co-chair of communication Joint Founders Day in Metro Detroit. She designed their flyer and served on her chapter's committee. committee.

"giving at any levels makes a difference" 

Dansoa Philanthropy

Proverbs 19:17 (MSG)
Mercy to the needy is a loan to God, and God pays back those loans in full.

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Giving is such a blessing. I believe God honors the life of a giver. Throughout my life, I saw my Mommie give, give and give. It was her character. I also learned the spiritual principles of giving from my mom and pastors. However, I donated in church with tithes and volunteered in the community, but something was missing. The missing piece to my puzzle was the feeling my small donations were inadequate. I felt my contributions aren't enough to make a difference.

I believe regardless of whether my donation is small or on a large scale, knowing my contribution makes a difference warms my heart


God saw my heart, and a little confirmation message came to my mailbox. Enclosed was marketing material from the Detroit Rescue Mission Mission, with a matching check campaign of $25 or $40. What a blessing! I don't feel ashamed; I can't give millions, host food drives with my long work schedule, or visit the shelters the way I prefer. However, this type of campaign is an empowering opportunity to collaborate with good in humanity. Regardless of whether my donation is small or on a large scale, knowing my contribution makes a difference warms my heart. 


Without a doubt, I am not the only one who wants to give more! Please don't allow the large amount to discourage you from giving; it's the action that makes a difference. Just give from your heart. 

Therefore, I will link some of my favorite organizations on my website and social media. Please do your research to see if my chosen nonprofits that align with your values and decide.

With divine love,

NanaDansoa "Queen" Paintsil

Volunteers at Food Bank
Picking Up Trash
Volunteer Using Sign Language
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A legacy of giving. 
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